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The Nomad Village Brazil

The Pousada Morada dos Ventos is home of the Nomad Village Brazil. It is laid out in a beautiful setting around 3 pools, surrounded by tropical plants and animals. The comfortable and large rooms and apartments are distributed over different bungalow-style buildings, making it the perfect hotel for digital nomads.

Every morning, you get to enjoy a Brazilian breakfast with lots of tropical fruits and juices. At any time of the day, you can get a menu in the restaurant right by the pool area. At night you can either stay for dinner in the pousada or go to one of the countless local restaurants in the village of Praia da Pipa. The main streets of Pipa are just a 10 minutes walk from your remote work retreat.

Tropical Co-Working

Nomad Village Brazil has a co-working area in an open space, well shaded and always with a breeze. The perfect place to work in the tropics.

  • Internet is speed is 100+ MBit
  • Comfortable chairs (as comfy as it gets in Pipa :))
  • Coffee and water for free

Our "tropical co-working" is also open for non-overnight guests from Mo-Fr 8am-6pm. You get access to our pool area, the garden and the restaurant by the pool. There you can also work. Don't do video-conferences with your mates in London and Berlin, they will kick you out. :-)

You can book your spot using the booking form. There are two options:

  • Day pass including breakfast for BRL 50
  • Monthly path without breakfast BRL 499

Pipa - The Digital Nomad Retreat

Pipa is a former “hippy village” in the North of Brazil. Throughout the years, tourists from all over the world visit this tropical location to enjoy the sun and stillness, which are often not found in the city. Today, the digital nomad community of Pipa is primarily international, with visitors stemming from Argentina, Holland, and other European countries.

The village is vibrant and touristic, with many nice restaurants and shops. Surrounding the location, impressive sand dunes and beaches invite visitors to quiet their minds and recharge after a long working day. Those looking for adventure are also welcome. Just 15 minutes from the pousada, you’ll find a river mouth with flat water and waves, ideal for kitesurfing.

Nomad Village Nightlife

Digital nomad work brings people together, but so do summer evenings. Pipa’s nightlife is famous throughout the region and peaks on the weekends. Many Brazilians from Natal or Joao Pessoa visit the village for a long weekend, whether to escape from their routine or to enjoy a remote work holiday.

Usefull Links

Digital Nomads in Pipa Notion Doc


Pipa’s timezone is in Central European Time(CET) -4H, or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) -3H, during European winter. This means that the UK is 3 hours ahead of Pipa.

Due to the early sunrise, travelers usually wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 am, which makes the new routine perfectly compatible for digital nomads who make video calls with European partners.


Pipa has a subtropical climate. From October to December, the temperature varies between 28-30 degrees Celsius during the day and 22-24 at night. Rainfalls are few and far in-between, as in most tropical locations, and you mostly get to enjoy a clear blue sky.

Pipa - timezone

Welcome to paradise

Explore the sandy beaches, which are within walking distance from our pousada, or rent a car to discover the hidden gems of nature.

An ideal spot for surfing and kitesurfing

The Northeast region of Brazil is most famous for its windy beaches, which attract surfing enthusiasts. The coastline from Pipa all the way up, via Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, up to Atins (Sao Luis), is ideal for surfing and kitesurfing. This is about 2000km of downwind suitable coastline.

There is no other area that offers a combination of lasting summer memories, sport and coworking. Pipa itself has some of the most popular surfing spots in the area. Kitesurfers head to “Barra Cunhau” and “Tibau do Sul”. The scenery is nothing short of stunning.

That said, if you’re not a fan of waves and wind, there are still many areas you can explore. Surrounding the Pousada Morada dos Ventos you can find many little fishing villages built along the coast, impressive sand dunes. If you plan a longer trip you can also visit the former hippy towns Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada. So, while you may be looking for the ideal coworking space to “break” the routine, you are guaranteed to have a truly unforgettable experience.

Pipa - Kite surf

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